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Versatile Restaurant Equipment Solutions

tilt-skillet-use.jpg In some instances, your restaurant or commercial kitchen may be in need of equipment that serves multiple purpose or works within limitations such as a small space or building code restrictions. A solution may lie in selecting the right piece of versatile kitchen equipment.

When space is limited
In a small space, choose compact pieces or equipment that can serve multiple purposes. A smooth surface panini grill can also fry eggs, bacon, and more. A flat bottom tilt skillet can saute, fry, braise meats, make soup, and more. Combination ovens are also available, such as convection / microwave combination ovens. Compact, countertop, and undercounter models can also save space.

When a hood is not an option or gas is not available
Chances are, your building department will require a hood for gas powered equipment. If installing a hood is not a realistic option in your location, you may find a solution in electric equipment. Reliable electric options are available for many types of equipment - if you check the codes in your area, an electric appliance may work for you. For example, an electric convection oven can serve your baking, roasting, and heating needs, and electric griddles are available for countertop frying.



Tilt Skillets This tilt skillet is an awesome tool for braising and preparing a variety of foods. It can make soup, fry foods such as bacon, and cook bases and meat stocks. Definitely order the stand, which provides a secure base and a pull-out shelf that is useful when pouring foods into containers.