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Restaurants, school kitchens, caterers and supermarket delis appreciate the freshness of foods packaged with Berkel's comprehensive line of vacuum packaging machines. Choose from floor models or tabletop models to lock in flavors of everything from meats to liquids, and boost your profitability. The question when comparing vac packs is “What are my expectations?” Most vacuum packaging machines will do a little more than 2 cycles per minute. Once you determine the width of the open end of the bag, then you can determine how many bags per hour to expect. The bags must lie flat without any overlap. Therefore, if your bag is 6 inches wide and the seal bar is 14 inches wide, then you can place two bags on the seal bar with 2 inches left over. If the bags are 4 inches wide, then you could place 3 bags on the seal bar with 2 inches left over. But if your bag was 7 inches wide, then you could only put on one bag, since 2 times 7 equals 14, and that leaves no room for error. A good rule to follow is to allow about 1-1/2 to 2 inches as a margin of error. With that in mind, a 350D with 2 seal bars of 17 inches could do four 6 inch wide bags at a time. If you expect to run 2 cycles per minute, then 2 times 4 equals 8 bags per minute, or about 480 bags per hour. The size of the pump will speed up or slow down the process. (Note: Remember that to achieve these results, the product must already be bagged and ready to put into the chamber.)
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