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Soup Supplies

cookies-pie.jpgIt's good for you, it's easy, and it's delicious. Soup is an efficient use of ingredients that can also be a useful tool when managing food costs. Our staff has picked out some equipment and supplies for souping up your restaurant's profits.



Tilt Skillets This tilt skillet is an awesome tool for braising and preparing a variety of foods. It can make soup, fry foods such as bacon, and cook bases and meat stocks. Definitely order the stand, which provides a secure base and a pull-out shelf that is useful when pouring foods into containers.


Soup Warmers Keep soup at controlled temperatures for serving throughout the day. These electric Soup warmers and kettles maintain the proper temperature to ensure proper food safety and a great taste, and the steel kettle creates a comfy display for your soup.


Hand Mixers Puree large batches of soup with these hand mixers.


Stirring Paddles Stirring paddles for large batches of soups and stocks.

Onion Soup Crock

Soup Crocks The oven safe crocks for French onion soup.


Kitchen Thermometers Useful when cooking, thermometers are also important tools when maintaining foods at safe temperatures and when cooling soups and other foods.