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Baking Essentials

cookies-pie.jpgHaving the right tools is important for enjoyable and successful baking. Our staff has picked some must have items that belong in any baker's kitchen. These commercial quality products are suitable for use by professional bakers, and they are also perfect for use by baking enthusiasts at home. With these tools, baked foods are more likely to be a success.



Cake Rings & Pan Extenders Cake rings allow you to make layered cakes and other treats. Use various sizes of cake rings with a sheet pan and parchment paper or a baking mat to create cake layers.


Cake Decorating Supplies Use pastry bags, tips, and icing spatulas for decorating cakes and cookies.


Kitchen Timers Timing is essential with baked goods.


Bakery Supplies You will find a variety of other baking molds, pans and baking supplies in our main bakeware section.