The Bakers Pride Deck Commercial Pizza Oven

Pizza Deck Ovens

One dish that will never go out of style is pizza. People want it for everything—lunch and dinner, parties, business meetings and sporting social events. They don’t seem to be able to get enough. To keep up with the demand for freshly baked pizza, a restaurant needs the right equipment. We at ABestKitchen have been selling pizza gear online for over 20 years. Today, let’s talk about the Bakers Pride pizza ovens.

The Bakers Pride Deck Commercial Pizza Ovens are a common fixture at pizza shops. If you are paying attention, you’ll often spot the old, well-worn Bakers Pride ovens that have been in use for decades. After many years of use, these ovens still look great, work well, and show a lot of character.

For options, these deck ovens are standard with Cordierite stone decks and can also be ordered with steel decks. They can be powered by electric or fueled by natural gas. Liquid propane heat, which can be more economical than regular gas or electric ovens, can also be specified when ordering. These ovens can be stacked to create double-deckers, triple deckers, and can even be stacked to provide four ovens. They are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, and come in 120000 and 240000 BTUH models, with the option of the gas supply being attached to the rear or the side.

The frames are welded iron; the exteriors are stainless steel, and insulated up to five inches for cooler external temperatures and constant temperatures inside. Safety features allow the operator complete control of the oven, with top and bottom heat control dampers and micro slides for perfect balance of temperature. The cooking temperature ranges from 300 to 650 degrees, and the oven has an eight inch interior deck.

For restaurants with a publicly viewed kitchen, there are display models available that can help create an old-fashioned, classic look in your pizza kitchen.

Bakers Pride has been manufacturing ovens since 1945, and some of the original Y-602 models are still in use. Their ovens are standards in the food preparation business, and bear a well-deserved reputation and popularity.

Shipping by truck is free in the Continental US, and please feel free to contact us to arrange the most affordable delivery of your next pizza oven.

We love pizza, and we’re here to help!

The Importance of Water Filtration Systems with Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The Importance of Water Filtration Systems
You might be familiar with the adage, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ A bit of foresight can save you all manner of grief further along.

It is a principle we all practice, although not always as carefully as we might. We look before crossing the street; we take vitamins and are careful of our diets. In our commercial kitchens we are careful with cleanliness, we anticipate our customers’ appetites, we think ahead and shop ahead so that we’re ready for the next season and shift in customer tastes.

Attention to the small details is important. Water can seem like a small detail, and we don’t think much about it. It’s used for everything from steamers and dishwashing to ice-making, brewing coffee or tea, and drinking water. A variety of studies have described a long list of contaminants found in US drinking water. For the drinking water, at least, restauranteurs often take the step of filtering their tap water to remove the undesirable ‘menu’ of chemicals.

The canny restaurateur, however, realizes that if the water you are serving customers is an issue, the water you use in your kitchen is an issue too. The water in which you steam your vegetables or with which you wash your dishes leaves behind mineral traces as well as chemical residue. Over time, the minerals build up, reducing the efficiency of a machine, if not disabling it altogether. Demineralization and decontamination of devices is expensive, time-consuming, and often requires as much ‘cleaning up’ as the cleaning of the machine did in the first place. These processes usually involve noxious chemicals—nothing you want to risk getting in your food and drink—and disassembling/reassembling your machines.

What’s the cure?

EverPure Filters!

Water filtering systems are a critical investment in any food service enterprise. Filtering the water removes chemical additives and contaminants, and de-mineralizes the water. Filtering the water from the tap only addresses a small problem. The more effective solution is to filter it before it reaches your kitchen.

Even the smallest EverPure system delivers high-quality water to boiler-based steamers, providing scale prevention and deliming that are crucial to the quality of water used and the longevity of the kitchen equipment. Water flows through a series of pre-filter/filters/scale inhibitors, removing harmful elements (down to the micron level) before passing on to the equipment it supplies.

No chemicals are involved, there is nothing to be cleaned, and the maintenance of the system itself is simple—change the filters on a regular basis. Depending on the quality of water supplied to your area, this can mean changing the filters every 100 thousand gallons.

We have a variety of sizes and capacities of systems available, and offer financing too. Shipping within the Continental US is free. The specific details are provided on the product webpages.

Your Everpure system will provide high-quality water and extend the life of your commercial equipment.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

If you are replacing a filter, you may wish to check with the manufacturer of your equipment to confirm which model filter you need.

Check out our selection of commercial Water Filtration products, and feel free to contact us for help selecting the filter you need.


Every Restaurant Bathroom Door Should Have These Hands-Free Door Openers

If you’ve ever walked into the restroom at a restaurant and taken measures to avoid touching anything, especially the door knob, you’ve probably also wondered if the kitchen staff and chefs do the same.  We really appreciated these hands-free door handles when we saw them at one of our local restaurants.  They were not only in the bathroom, but on other doors that might be used by kitchen staff and cooks.  Not only do they make it easy for customers to avoid contact with sketchy doorknobs, they help avoid wasting paper towels for use on the door handle, and they provide a little peace of mind to customers who will feel assured that they are in a place that takes sanitation and cleanliness seriously.

These simple pulls mount above the door handle, allowing you to safely pull open the door with your forearm.

Check them out here


Arctic Walk-In Refrigeration, Customized & Display Walk-Ins or Quick Ship

Arctic has solutions for Walk-In refrigeration for that range from typical walk-ins for foodservice and restaurants to customized display units with glass doors that add character to your space.  Customized possibilities from Arctic include in-wall merchandising refrigerators for markets, humidity controlled meat aging and display refrigerators for the front-of-house of restaurants, and temperature-controlled wine storage and display walk-ins for restaurant or home use.  They also have customizable large-scale refrigeration options for your home.  If you are looking for something economical and quick, their quick-ship Blue-Line walk-ins may be your answer.

Arctic Blue Line Walkins

The Blue-Line models are available as freezers or refrigerators in several standard sizes with remote or self-contained refrigeration.  There are also models for outdoor use.  These units are NSF approved for commercial kitchen use and have all the basic features you’d look for in a custom walk-in.  The walls, ceilings and floors are constructed of energy-code compliant high-density foam.  Units are standard with a light switch, dial thermometer, and vapor-proof door light centered over door.

The Blue-Line walk-ins are shipped pre-configured in sizes ranging from 6 x 6 feet through 12 x 10 feet.  For more info, take a look at the following link: Arctic Blue-Line Walk-Ins.

If you are looking to customize a walk-in, wine-storage unit, merchandiser, or even a refrigeration solution for your home, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you work with Arctic to meet your specifications and order your unit at a great price.

Making Churros for Bakeries, Restaurants and At Home Too

Churros are fritter-like, donut-like, pastry-like foods that have a Spanish origin. It turns out that Churros are a pretty easy treat to make with the right technique and supplies available here at ABestKitchen.

At home, you can make churros with a pastry bag using a large star tip to make your dough/batter into the typical churro shape.  In a commercial setting, or at your neighborhood fiesta, you can increase production using a churro maker, pictured here.  This is our smallest commercial model that is designed for home-use as well.  For even larger productions, several larger sizes are available for even higher food productions in bakeries, food trucks, or restaurants.

The basic technique is to create a batter  or dough using flour, butter, water, sugar, eggs, and sometimes cinnamon or other sweet additions.  You create the dough by heating a mixture of the butter, flour, water, salt, and sugar in a pan until it forms a thicker dough-like substance and then whisking in the eggs until you have a kind of thick batter that can be pressed through the pastry bag or through the churro machine into a pan of hot oil, cutting them off into equal length pieces and then frying them until golden brown in a pan of hot oil.

You can then remove the churros from the hot oil using a stainless steel slotted spoon or tongs, and roll them in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon, if desired.  They are also often also drizzled with chocolate when used as a dessert.  These pastry treats are not always dessert though – they are often eaten for breakfast too.  For serving large quantities of churros, the ingredients are not very expensive so at your restaurant, bakery, or fiesta, churros can be a cost effective or highly profitable food.

There are also churros that are stuffed with a sweet filling.  Our churro makers have nozzle adapters that can make the hollowed out shape, which you can later fill with your favorite sweet icing, chocolate, or filler.  You can use a churro filler, which is actually a pastry filler that can be used to fill donuts or other pastries too.  Otherwise, the pastry bag will do the filling job using a different narrow tip.