Blenders for Making Cold Foam

Cold foam is somewhat like cappuccino foam, but even fluffier. Frequently seen at Starbucks and other coffee shops, this light, foamy milk froth is used to top coffee, iced espresso, and other beverages, and it’s yummy. So how do you make it? Turns out, it is easy to make with a blender container that has a special design for aeration. With these aerating blenders, making cold foam is faster than the traditional steaming method. With just a quick blend of some low-fat milk, you’ve got a super light milk froth that is perfect on an iced espresso. The aerating blenders can also be useful for a variety of other culinary foams, whipped creams, and juices. In your coffee shop, blending cold foam takes less effort than steaming milk, so offering cold foam can please guests and be highly profitable.

Foaming blending containers are available to work with our most popular blenders, such as the Blendtec Stealth and The Quite One by VitaMix. With one of those blenders and an aerating container to match, you will be cold foam ready.

Blendtec Frothing Container
Hamilton Beach Aeration Container
VitaMix Aerating Container

Check out options from VitaMix, Blendtec, and Hamilton Beach here: Cold Foam Blenders

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