The Bakers Pride Deck Commercial Pizza Oven

Pizza Deck Ovens

One dish that will never go out of style is pizza. People want it for everything—lunch and dinner, parties, business meetings and sporting social events. They don’t seem to be able to get enough. To keep up with the demand for freshly baked pizza, a restaurant needs the right equipment. We at ABestKitchen have been selling pizza gear online for over 20 years. Today, let’s talk about the Bakers Pride pizza ovens.

The Bakers Pride Deck Commercial Pizza Ovens are a common fixture at pizza shops. If you are paying attention, you’ll often spot the old, well-worn Bakers Pride ovens that have been in use for decades. After many years of use, these ovens still look great, work well, and show a lot of character.

For options, these deck ovens are standard with Cordierite stone decks and can also be ordered with steel decks. They can be powered by electric or fueled by natural gas. Liquid propane heat, which can be more economical than regular gas or electric ovens, can also be specified when ordering. These ovens can be stacked to create double-deckers, triple deckers, and can even be stacked to provide four ovens. They are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, and come in 120000 and 240000 BTUH models, with the option of the gas supply being attached to the rear or the side.

The frames are welded iron; the exteriors are stainless steel, and insulated up to five inches for cooler external temperatures and constant temperatures inside. Safety features allow the operator complete control of the oven, with top and bottom heat control dampers and micro slides for perfect balance of temperature. The cooking temperature ranges from 300 to 650 degrees, and the oven has an eight inch interior deck.

For restaurants with a publicly viewed kitchen, there are display models available that can help create an old-fashioned, classic look in your pizza kitchen.

Bakers Pride has been manufacturing ovens since 1945, and some of the original Y-602 models are still in use. Their ovens are standards in the food preparation business, and bear a well-deserved reputation and popularity.

Shipping by truck is free in the Continental US, and please feel free to contact us to arrange the most affordable delivery of your next pizza oven.

We love pizza, and we’re here to help!

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