Rethinking Water – Enhanced Water Service at Restaurants and Cafes

restaurant water serviceWater service is an integral part of food service, and these days, the best way to provide water for customers is being re-thought in restaurants and other public spaces. Customers in general are less interested in disposable bottles of water, and in restaurants and cafes, an enhanced water offering other than straight-out-of-the-tap water or bottled water is something customers notice and appreciate.  New water delivery systems are showing up to deliver high quality drinking water with a stylish and modern approach. These systems help improve on water service by allowing you to deliver filtered, chilled tap water in an efficient, if not elegant manner.  For restaurants, coffee lounges, wine bars, and cafes looking to improve their water service, the Blupura systems are here.  These water dispensers are made and designed in Italy, and turn your tap water into an enhanced, stylish offering. They can include filtration to improve the taste of water, cooling capability to chill the water, and they make sparkling carbonated water too, so you can provide the additional perk of serving bubbly water from an elegant tap.

The Elkay / Blupura water dispensers are designed and built in Italy, and provide sparkling, chilled, filtered water.

As an enhancement to a cafe environment, we’ve seen the Blupura style water dispensers set up in self-service stations at markets, delis, and counter-service restaurants. With this setup, customers can help themselves to carafes of high quality sparkling or chilled still water while enjoying their lunch. It’s a nice touch, and while giving up the profits from sparkling water sales, the overall enhancement to the customer experience is noticeable, and the offering likely pays off in terms of return visits.

The Blupura Carbonation Chiller

In a fine dining setting, the ability to allow customers to specify whether they would like sparkling or still water is another subtle and elegant enhancement to the dining experience. In food service, the details matter, and water is just part of the game. The Blupura carbonation chiller mounts under the counter or bar, along with a filter and CO2 tank, to turn your tap water into a premium offering.

EZH2O Water Bottle Fillers

This transformation is happening elsewhere beyond restaurants and bars too.  People are becoming inclined to avoid the wastefulness of disposable bottled water, preferring to carry their own water bottles. In places like golf clubhouses, markets, lodges, recreation centers, tennis clubs, and other mixed service environments, this presents a need to provide a way for customers to fill their own containers with water. Nobody wants to use a bathroom sink, and filling a container with the old standard water fountain is difficult. The new EZH2O systems allow customers to easily fill their water bottles, helping to reduce wasted water and the use of disposable bottles.

Take a look at the Blupura and EZH2O systems to see how they might fit into your establishment.   Rick@ABestKitchen

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