Merchandising with True’s Smaller T-12 Refrigerators and Freezers

When space is an issue, or you just want a lower-profile, smaller glass-door refrigeration display, take a look at True’s T-12-LD Refrigerators Merchandisers (also available as freezers).  From the website and catalog pictures, you might not pick up that these units are smaller, at only just over 5 feet tall, and just over 25 inches wide.  Compared to the larger, taller glass door coolers, these units are quaint and provide additional merchandising capability on top or above.  Markets, delis, restaurants and coffee shops seeking smaller refrigerators for self-service can benefit from these 5 foot high glass door refrigerators.  The T models add a stainless steel front for additional appearance enhancements too.

Another thing you may not be aware of is that we can put you in contact with True Manufacturing’s art and graphics department, and they will work with you to add custom graphics to your refrigerators.  In the case of Market 28 shown below, the addition of a custom logo graphic adds some style and branding to this specialty foods store.  Custom graphics are available for all True models, and many of our other manufacturers of merchandisers also offer customized graphics solutions.  Contact us and we’ll help you add graphics to your refrigeration order.

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