Juice, Juicers, and Juicing

As this is being written, it’s February.  Pretty much the entire country under a the veil of winter.  In fact, the entire continental U.S. is blue on the weather map.  But in 6 months, it will be a balmy summer day in August.  Grills will be lit, lawns mowed, it will be warm, sunny and the mood will be right for juice.  So let’s take a little vacation from the cold and talk about summer, juice, and juicers.

The Original Lemon Squeezer

Amco Lemon Squeezer

Amco Lime Squeezer

Bar Fruit Squeezer

Cocktail Lemon / Lime Squeezer

Small Juicers

An amusing lemonade, a refreshing margarita, or a quick drizzle of citrus calls for Amco’s original hand juicer or one of these other small handheld squeezers. Commonplace at any bar, and not to be confused with lesser quality imitation models, Amco’s lemon and lime squeezers are built to last and will keep us cool on this vacation.  So give your hands a rest and get one of these affordable juicing tools.

Nemco Easy Juicer

Nemco Easy Juicer

Zeus Commercial Citrus Juicer

Zeus Juicer

Titan Manual Heavy Duty Juicer


Larger Juicers

OK.  Now, on our vacation, the kids are operating a lemonade stand, there’s a barbecue, the neighborhood friends are outside relaxing, and it’s starting to feel like a little block party.  We need some more serious juicing. Cue the heavier duty stand up juicers. Our favorites are the Zeus and the Titan – these heavy duty models can really press. The Zeus can even do pomegranates. They are sturdy and attractive, and will support a hefty lemonade operation and more. For the price, you will not find a better manual juicer than the Titan or Zeus.

Uniworld Commercial Electric Citrus Juicer UJC-N50

Commercial Juicers

Commercial Juicers

It’s been a great summer.  We’ve had so much success juicing lately that we’ve decided to incorporate juice into a larger operation. We need some juice power to generate profits. The Uniworld UJC-N50 Commercial 1/4 HP Electric Juicer devours citrus. It’s a heavy 33 lbs in weight and it’s quiet motor is designed for years of daily use. Slice some oranges, grapefruits, and lemons and extract juiciness. You can find it and more models here: Commercial Juicers.



P.S. – don’t forget the little umbrellas.

Cocktail Parasols - One Gross

Cocktail Umbrellas

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