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Different kegs require different couplers...here is some information to help you choose a coupler.

American Sankey (2013-2015 Series Coupler)

Anheuser Busch (All Brands)
Bud, Bud Light, Bud Dry, Bud Ice, Michelob, Michelob Light, Michelob Dark, Michelob Dry, Michelob Natural Light, Michelob Hefeweizen, Michelob Black & Tan, Busch, Busch Light, Redhook

Miller (All Brands)
Miller High Life, Miller High Life Light, Miller Lite, Miller Lite Ice, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Genuine Draft Light, Leinenkugel, Milwaukee's Best, Red Dog, Ice House, Meister Brau, Shipyard.

Coors (All Brands)
Coors, Coors Light, Coors Extra Gold, Coors Dry, Keystone, Keystone Light, Keystone Dry, Killians, Blue Moon.

Foreign Brands
Labatt's (all brands), Molson (all brands including Fosters), Moosehead, Corona.

Regional U.S. Brands
Rolling Rock, Lonestar, Pearl, Goose Island, Shiner, Sierra Nevada, Pittsburgh Brewing, Widmer, Pyramid, New Belgium.
NOTE: The following brands will probably be using the American Sankey style tap but may still be using the Dual Probe/Hoff Stevens (7415-7) style tap - check with the beer distributors to verify correct tap.

Samuel Adams (All Brands)
Boston Lager, Hardcore Cider, Summertime Ale, Spring Ale, Winterfest, Octoberfest

Pabst (All Brands)
Pabst, Pabst Light, Olympia, Hamm's, Stroh, Stroh Light, Schlitz, Schlitz Light, Old Milwaukee, Schaefer, Augsburger, Old Style, Old Style Light, Blatz, Special Export, Special Export Light, Augsburger, Henry Weinhards, St. Ides.

Genesee (All Brands)
Genesee, Genesee Light, 12 Horse ale, Creame Ale, Michael Shea's Irish Amber, JW Dundee Honey Brown Lager.

European Sankey (2012-E15 Coupler)

Amstel, Beamish, Becks, Becks Light, Belle-Vue Lambics, Carlsberg, DAB, Dortmunder Union, Double Diamond, Dos Equis, Hieneken, Murphy's Irish Stout, Murphy's Irish Amber, Pilsner Urquell, Scottish Newcastle, Tetley's, Woodpecker Cider.

Grundy Type (CH5200 Coupler)

Bass, Tennant's, Fullers, Anchor Steam, Caffrey's San Miguel

U.E.C Type CH5300 Coupler)

Guiness, Harp, Boddingtons, Stella-Artois, Leffe

German Slider Type CH5400 Coupler)

Warsteiner, Paulaner, Hackker Schoor, Gosser, Hogaarden, Spaten, Bittberger.

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