Summit Beer Dispenser FAQs

How many glasses of beer will I get out of a keg?

A 1/2 barrel standard keg will give you approximately 175 12 oz. glasses of your favorite beer.

How long will the CO2 tank last?

It should last for 5 to 6 kegs under normal use.

Where do I get it filled?

Look in your local yellow pages under gas, welding supplies or oxygen. You will find many companies in your area. Your local beer distributor may also provide this service. Some will take your new tank and give you a used full one. We recommend findin g someone who will fill your new one.

What type of electrical outlet is needed?

It should be plugged into a 120V / 60 Hz / 15 Amp Grounded AC outlet.

How long will the beer stay good to drink?

It should stay good for Stay good for 1-2 months as long as it is kept cold and the CO2 pressure is kept on. If you can't finish it by then, our staff will come over and help you.