Steam Tech Countertop Steamer

Steam Tech Countertop Steamer


  • Manufacturer: Market Forge
  • Manufacturer Model Number ST
  • Our Base SKU: MF-ST-3EX



The Steam Tech represents the latest in countertop steam technology, designed to apply the benefits of steam cooking to today's health conscious menus. Ideal for batch cooking, a-la-carte, and rethermalization of individual entrees, the Steam Tech puts the power of steam on your countertop at a price you can afford. The Steam Tech series comes in 3- or 5-pan single models with 9 kW and 14 kW electric inputs respectively. As your operation grows, so does your Steam Tech. By stacking multiple Steam Tech models, you can accommodate up to 10 pans, creating a complete high-output steam cooking system. All models are available in domestic and international voltages. A clean generator light tells you when itn++s time to delime, but allows the generator to operate for the duration of your workday. Generators can be easily cleaned from the inside of the cooking compartment. A close-coupled steam generator system gives quick start-ups and efficient steam transfer to the cooking compartment, without the use of fans or expensive blower motors. In tests for energy efficiency and cooking times performed in accordance with ASTM standards, the Steam Tech yielded impressive results over other similar countertop steamers. With an optional hold feature, your Steam Tech will keep cooked foods at 160F until you're ready, giving you more time between cooking and serving. A condensate cooking tube reduces the amount of water brought to the cold water condenser, saving money on your monthly water bill.

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