24" Countertop Electric Salamander - Broiler

18" Countertop Electric Salamander - Broiler


  • Manufacturer Model Number SAA8024



The 24" Salamander/Broiler from Anvil America. Perfect for restaurants, pubs, cafes et al. Grills, melts, roasts and browns. Can also be used as a plate warmer. AnvilĂ­s stainless steel Adjustable Salamanders are ideal for gratinating, melting cheese, sandwiches etc. They are also useful for defrosting ready-made dishes, reheating pizzas, croissants, etc. Strong stainless steel construction makes this unit robust and easy to clean. Adjustable warming height with heavy duty counter balance system. Even distribution of heat for consistant results. 220 Volt. NSF approved.PRODUCT IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE!!!!

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