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Crestware Heavy Gauge Aluminum Stock Pots & Covers

Crestware Heavy Gauge Aluminum Stock Pots & Covers

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Crestware Stock Pots feature Extra Heavy Duty 3mm thick walls. That's equivalent to a nickel and a penny together. Aluminum cookware is very commonly used in most commercial kitchens, because it is lightweight and strong, and one of the best conductors of heat. You won't find this quality in a pot anywhere but from a commercial restaurant supply company. Matching heavy duty lid is also available. Available in 8-100 quart sizes. NSF certified for commercial use.

  • *Free Shipping to the Continental U.S.
  • NSF approved for commercial use

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Crestware 8 Quart Stock Pot POT08 8 Quart, 9-1/2" Dia x 7-1/2"H CST-POT08 $31.83
Crestware POTC08 Lid For Stock Pot POT08 Lid For 8 Quart Stock Pot CST-POTC08 $16.95
Crestware 12 Quart Stock Pot POT12 12 Quart, 10-1/8" Dia x 9-3/8"H CST-POT12 $38.70
Crestware POTC12 Lid For Stock Pot POT12 Lid For 12 Quart Stock Pot CST-POTC12 $17.95
Crestware 16 Quart Stock Pot POT16 16 Quart, 11-1/2" Dia x 10-3/8"H CST-POT16 $44.95
Crestware POTC16 Lid For Stock Pot POT16 Lid For 16 Quart Stock Pot CST-POTC16 $18.60
Crestware 20 Quart Stock Pot POT20 20 Quart, 12-3/8" Dia x 10-1/8"H CST-POT20 $48.50
Crestware POTC20 Lid For Stock Pot POT20 Lid For 20 Quart Stock Pot CST-POTC20 $18.75
Crestware 24 Quart Stock Pot POT24 24 Quart, 12 1/2" Dia x 13"H CST-POT24 $49.50
Crestware POTC24 Lid For Stock Pot POT24 Lid For 24 Quart Stock Pot CST-POTC24 $18.95
Crestware 40 Quart Stock Pot POT40 40 Quart, 15" Dia x 14 3/4"H CST-POT40 $65.95
Crestware POTC40 Lid For Stock Pot POT40 Lid For 40 Quart Stock Pot CST-POTC40 $20.95
Crestware 60 Quart Stock Pot POT60 60 Quart, 17-3/4" Dia x 16-1/8" H CST-POT60 $89.95
Crestware POTC60 Lid For Stock Pot POT60 Lid For 60 Quart Stock Pot CST-POTC60 $25.29
Crestware 80 Quart Stock Pot POT80 80 Quart, 19-1/8" Dia x 17-1/8"H CST-POT80 $109.00
Crestware POTC80 Lid For Stock Pot POT80 Lid For 80 Quart Stock Pot CST-POTC80 $27.95
Crestware 100 Quart Stock Pot POT100 100 Quart, 20-5/8" Dia x 18-1/2"H CST-POT100 $142.95
Crestware POTC100 Lid For Stock Pot POT100 Lid For 100 Quart Stock Pot CST-POTC100 $30.95

Heavy Gauge Aluminum Stock Pots with Covers reviews

Rating: 5.00 from 1 Reviews

Beer Brewer (5 / 5) Bethel ME US

I have searched high and low, and this is by far the best deal out there. The pot is much thicker and stronger than I expected, it is extremely stout, and should last a lifetime. I would highly recommend these pots to anyone. I bought the 80 quart, and now have just placed an order for two of the 100 quart ones.

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