Cecilware FE Series Automatic Coffee Urns

Cecilware Automatic Twin 3 Gallon Urns


  • Manufacturer: Cecilware
  • Manufacturer Model Number FE-75
  • cecilware.gif



Deluxe models feature Automatic agitation (FE series only) - at the end of each brew cycle, all FE urns automatically blend the coffee. Thereafter, just "Push the button and walk away" the FE series agitates the coffee automatically.

Adjustable By-Pass System - gives an operator the ability to adjust the strength of the coffee to bring out its natural robust and fully body taste.

Automatic Refill - automatically replenishes urn jacket with fresh water as soon as it starts running low giving you piping hot water on demand.

Cycle Stop Switch - Conveniently located on the front panel, the Cycle Stop Switch gives the operator the ability to stop the brew cycle midstream. It's also ideal for cleaning purposes.

Other features include accurate temperature control, thermometer, over flow tube, two brew buttons, FE-75 and FE-100 brews in one pound batches, FE-300 brews in 3 pound batches, durable stainless finish, and Tomlinson no-drip faucets. Available 3 gallon single, 3 gallon twin, 6 gallon twin, and 10 gallon twin models with electric 120/240V or 120/208V. All units are single phase except for the FE300 10-gallon model, which is 3-phase.

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