Pizza Knife AM-PKR-20

Pizza Knife AM-PKR-20

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  • Manufacturer: American Metalcraft
  • Manufacturer Model Number PKR-20
  • Our SKU: AM-PKR-20
  • American Metalcraft
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Stainless blade with full rocker design. 2 handles for easier and safer operation. 21-1/2 inches overall. Rocker knives are an excellent alternative to traditional wheel-style pizza cutter that easily dull and don't always cut all the way through crust. With a rocker knife, on the other hand, the blade can be easily sharpened and the rocking cutting motion uses leverage to ensure clean cuts all the way through any crust. Expertly manufactured by American Metalcraft, this stainless steel knife has a full twenty inch long blade that makes it able to easily and expertly cut even extra large pizzas.

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SKU:AM-PKR-20 (5 / 5) Whitehall mt US

Although this is "American Metal Craft" it is made in japan! It is however a well crafted knife and will stand up to many years of use. A good product.