NEMCO PowerKut French Fry Cutter

NEMCO PowerKut French Fry Cutter

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  • NEMCO PowerKut French Fry Cutter
  • Manufacturer: Nemco
  • nemco food equipment

  • Made In USA


Serve curly fries or ribbon fries hot with vinegar, melted cheese, or ketchup with this french fry cutter. It's easy to serve fresh, healthful, delicious fries using the whole potato. Operation is simple - load, apply steady, even pressure and move the carriage forward. Heavy duty stainless steel and engineered plastics stand up to tough commercial use. Wipes clean. Holds a 60-count potato. Available in Spiral Fry (for curly fries) or Ribbon Fry models (ribbon fries are thin slices of potatoes, similar to potato chips).

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NEMCO PowerKut Spiral French Fry Cutter Spiral Cut NEM-N55150B-C $765.00
NEMCO PowerKut Ribbon French Fry Cutter Ribbon Cut NEM-N55150B-R $765.00