Countertop Pasta Cooker

Countertop Pasta Cooker

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Nemco's pasta boiling unit cooks all types of pasta, vegetables and shell fish plus theyĆ­re ideal for reconstituting food. This convenient counter top model allows you to produce one pound of spaghetti or three pounds of frozen pasta in just a couple of minutes. Initial heat up is 12 minutes and these powerful units recover almost immediately. Special features include heavy duty baskets constructed of stainless steel with durable plastic coated handles for a cool touch. Individual servings are possible with our accessory set of six baskets. Control panel assembly is removable for cleaning and easy maintenance. The unique front draining system allows for safe and simple draining.
2.5 gallon capacity. Measures 19-13/16" x 11-7/8" x 23-5/8". Operates on either 208 or 240 Volts.

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  • Stainless steel construction
  • Incalloy tubular heating elements
  • Bulb & capillary thermostat with a temperature range of 100-212 F
  • Indicator lights meet U.S. and International codes
  • 15 minute manual bell timer
  • Twin baskets with cool touch handles
  • Removable control panel assembly
  • Convenient front drain valve with safety lock
  • Four-inch adjustable legs
  • Single phase
  • Six foot cord and plug provided
  • One year parts and labor warranty