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Stainless Steel Bron Coucke Mandoline Slicer/Cutter/Shredder

Stainless Steel Bron Coucke Mandoline Slicer/Cutter/Shredder

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  • Manufacturer: Eurodib
  • Manufacturer Model Number 3839
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The original Bron Couke mandoline slicer from France. Stainless steel professional high quality construction. This machine eliminates the need to swap blades or use multiple knives. A straight blade assists with simple slicing tasks, while both large and small julienne blades cut carrot sticks and shoestring potatoes. Hand-operated levers control the slicing thickness, with a 1/2-inch maximum thickness. A multitude of slicing options. Can even make waffle fries. Easy to follow instructions written in 5 languages.
Includes one piece pusher and safety guard. Reversible blade set 10.2mm (3/8") and 3.2 mm (1/8 ")cut (attached to the mandolin)1 julienne blade, 1 flat blade, also attached. These already attached blade sets adjust for hundreds of useful combinations to make potato chips, wafer potatoes, julienne, and many more various shapes. 16"L x 5" W x 2"H (folded). Ships Free to USA

  • *Free Shipping to the Continental U.S.
  • In Stock - Ships Same Day!

This mandoline is a real slicing machine. Its blades are sharp and serious. It is capable of some amazing slicing tasks, making normally tedious slicing jobs quick and easy. It can cut thin chips, julienne slices, and even waffle cuts by adjusting the blade configuration. For waffle fries, you'll make two passes, rotating the potato slices 1/4 turn. Check out the video on this page for a full presentation on what the Bron can do.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Take a look at the video below for use and instruction


Rating: 5.00 from 5 Reviews

Awesome product (5 / 5) Brooklyn Ne US

I really enjoyed the way this amazing product works, Iíve tried it today and saved me 5 minutes in preparing my food! Another perfect way of saving time would be on how to use the slicer to chop fruits and vegetable perfectly. This article is great and Iíve just shared it with my friends as well. I bought my Mandoline Slicer straight from Amazon, Iím very happy with it. There is a great deal 25% off sale price, you have to go through this web page: https://globalinsandeals.clickfunnels.com/special-offerf3iy15hd

Bron Couke mandoline (5 / 5) Eugene Or US

Excellent product. Beautifully made, easy to use, stable, and very efficient. Also extremely versatile.

Love It (5 / 5) Loveland Oh US

Works perfectly, love it

Great slicer (5 / 5)

No comment.

Best Mandoline I've Owned (5 / 5) US

This mandoline is worth every penny. Iíve used an OXO and de Buyer mandoline in the past, and while these models failed to give consistent slices with very fine slicing, this is the only one that has given me consistent thickness at 1mm or less, and from one end to the other of each slice. It cuts perfectly at any size, and the blades are super sharp. The polished stainless steel is super slick, eliminating the need for a non-stick surface, and the julienne blades are fixed to the mandoline, all in one piece so no cheap plastic blade holders can fall off like other models. It simply collapses for easy storage, but the sleek design looks beautiful enough just sitting upright on my countetop! If youíre willing to invest more than $50 on a sturdy mandoline, this is the one to buy!