Eurodib Refrigerated Juice and Beverage Dispenser

Eurodib Refrigerated Juice and Beverage Dispenser

Item Discontinued

  • Manufacturer: Eurodib
  • Manufacturer Model Number CD2J
  • Our Base SKU: EU-CD-X

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Refrigerated juice and beverage dispenser from Eurodib features sleek European styling and stainless steel construction. Available in one, two(shown), three and four head models. Manufactured in Italy from Cofrimmel. Features a stainless steel base and polycarbonate bowl. Bowl is easily removable for cleaning. High chilling capacity makes this unit ideal for a variety of chilled beverages. Three gallon capacity bowls. NSF approved.

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Eurodib Cofrimell Juice Dispenser CD1J Single Tank EU-CD1J $833.00
Eurodib Cofrimell Juice Dispenser CD2J Double Tank EU-CD2J $1,097.00
Eurodib Cofrimell Juice Dispenser CD3J Triple Tank EU-CD3J $1,549.00
Eurodib Cofrimell Juice Dispenser CD4J Quad Tank EU-CD4J $1,719.00