Jet Tech Silver Sushi Cases

Jet Tech Silver Sushi Cases


  • Manufacturer: Jet Tech
  • Manufacturer Model Number DC-5S-L



Designed to display sushi, meats, salads, desserts and many other items for quick point of purchase sales. Features a curved front tempered glass for added visibility, safety and increased durability. New enlarged front hinged glass tilts forward to simplify cleaning and maximize eye appeal. Interior lighting (with protective cover) enhances overall product appearance. Removable sliding rear doors allow for easy access and simplify cleaning.Upper double evaporator fin-type coil assures proper temperature throughout the cabinet, eliminating any danger of bacteria or food contamination. SMARTEMP electronic thermostat maintains temperatures between 33F/1C and 40F/7C, digitally displays temperature at all times, and reaches the required temperature in only a few minutes. Special "cold-diffusion" system provides uniformity of temperature throughout. Upper stainless steel baffle plate creates a drip-free food safe environment. In addition to the on/off switch, an added safety feature is incorporated whereby an automatic cut-off system will switch on/off the motor whenever defrosting is necessary.

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