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Hoshizaki Cube Ice Machines Cube Style Ice Machines
Ice Machine models that produce cube style ice cubes measuring approximately 1-1/2 inch x 1-1/8 inch by 1/2 inch. Ideal for restaurants and bars.

Cubelet Cubelet Style Ice Machines
Ice Machine models that produce cubelet style ice cubes measuring approximately 5/8 inch x 3/4 inch by 1/2 inch. Easy to chew and ideal for the healthcare industry.

Hoshizaki Flaked Ice Maker Flake Style Ice Machines
Ice Machine models that produce flake style ice cubes, which are soft, light, chewable pieces of ice with a 65% ice to water ratio. Flaked ice cools items faster and molds into shapes, making it ideal for seafood displays, blended beverages, and therapeutic health use.

Countertop Ice Machines Countertop Ice Machines With Dispenser
Hoshizaki's ice machines that dispense ice and water; these models can be positioned on a countertop or optional heavy duty stand.

Hoshizaki Hotel Ice Maker Hotel Style Ice Dispensers
Hoshizaki's ice dispensers designed for hotel/motel use with built-in insulated ice bin and a push-button agitator that dispenses ice. DB models have an optional card or coin mechanism.

Hoshizaki Ice Bin B-250PF Ice Bins
Ice storage bins with 250 to 1650 pounds ice capacity. Vinyl clad or stainless steel construction.

Hoshizaki All Hoshizaki Ice Machines
The complete line of all Hoshizaki Ice Machines.

Hoshizaki Buying Guide Hoshizaki Ice Machine Selection Guide
Useful information to assist in selecting the right ice machine to suite your needs. Our food service experts can help too! Contact us for assistance.

Complete line of Hoshizaki ice machines available. To order any item you do not see, please Contact Us.

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Hoshizaki is an Energy Star Partner Of The Year award winner, and they have been voted Best In Class in Ice Makers by operators for the past 7 years in a row. Hoshizaki ice machines are designed to maximize ice production per energy and water consumption. We at AbestKitchen recommend Hoshizaki's ice makers and encourage you to compare some of the features of similar capacity machines. Most Hoshizaki machines are superior in terms of operating costs when compared to similar models by other manufacturers. See: Hoshizaki Ice Machines Advantages for more info.

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