Flashpak Pizza Delivery System from CookTek

Flashpak Pizza Delivery System from CookTek

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The FlashPak PTDS, a patented technology, allows pizza delivery restaurants to deliver piping hot pizzas to households around the world using CookTek's proprietary induction technology. It addresses reliability and operational issues associated with existing heated pizza delivery products through the elimination of problematic cords and wax-based phase change materials. CookTek's lightweight, cord-free, solid-to-solid phase change system results in a more reliable, easier to operate system. The pellet consists of a special magnetic alloy that is encapsulated in a heat retentive plastic. The alloy activates the electromagnetic field produced by the charger, which in turn provides just the right amount of heat to be evenly dispersed throughout the pellet. When the pellet is fully heated, the induction charger automatically senses this and activates a green light on the display. This indicates that the bag is now ready to maintain the perfect temperature for a hot pizza delivery time of up to 45 minutes! Initial charge is 2 1/2 minutes or less and recharges in 60 seconds. 120 volt, 1800 watts. One year manufacturers warranty. System includes charger, five bags and five pellets. Made in the U.S.A.

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