Fagor Undercounter Dishwasher

Fagor Undercounter Dishwasher





Heavy duty type 304 stainless steel construction. Auto-fill with built-in detergent pump. Built-in drain pump. Automatic drain valve to prevent overflow. Built-in electric booster heater Utilizes fresh hot water rinse. Electric tank heater. Low water tank heat protection. Hi-limit thermostat. Built-in rinse aid dispenser. Standard 20" x 20" racks. Door safety switch. Built-in hot water assurance. Wash time (seconds) 2 setting (100, 160).Rinse time (seconds) 15. Total Time (seconds) 2 setting (120, 180). Fully automatic wash and rinse cycle with correct temperature indicators for consistent cleaning. Removable front electrical panel for easy access to controls.

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  • Stainless steel non-clogging individual wash and rinse arms.
  • Wash tank with filter and tray system.
  • Electrical cord, drain hose and fill hose supplied for quick and easy installation.
  • Standard with (1) CT-10 All purpose rack and (1) CP-16/18 Peg rack.
  • This unit is designed to be used as a dishwasher or glasswasher.
  • 32.25"H x 23.25"W x 23.5"D