Fagor Door Style Dishwasher FI-120W

Fagor Door Style Dishwasher FI-120W

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  • Manufacturer: Fagor
  • Manufacturer Model Number FI-120W
  • Our Base SKU: FG-FI-120W-X
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FG-FI-120W-208-3 ~ 208v/60/3 47 amp 3 wire plus ground
FG-FI-120W-208-1 ~ 208v/60/1 68 amp
FG-FI-120W-240-3 ~ 240v/60/3 52 amp 3 wire plus ground
FG-FI-120W-240-1 ~ 240v/60/1 79 amp
The Fagor Door Style Dishwasher is constructed of heavy duty type 304 stainless steel and cleans up to 60 racks per hour. Featuring auto-fill, auto-start, two independent wash motor pumps and a delime / manual wash switch. Built-in electric booster heater. Electric tank heater. Low water tank heat protection. Hi-limit thermostat. Built-in rinse aid dispenser. Standard 20" x 20" racks. Door safety switch. Built-in hot water assurance. Field adjustable straight-thru or corner design. ENERGY STAR qualified!

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  • Auto-fill and auto-start
  • Two independent wash motor pumps
  • Delime / manual wash switch
  • Built-in electric booster heater (12 kw)
  • Electric wash tank heater (4.5 kw) and low water tank heat protection
  • Hi-limit thermostat
  • Built-in rinse aid dispenser
  • Standard 20" x 20" racks
  • Door safety switch
  • Built-in hot water assurance
  • 150F / 66C wash temperature and 190F / 88C rinse temperature
  • Field adjustable straight-thru or corner design
  • 16-1/2" / 419 mm maximum clearance for dishes/glasses
  • Fully automatic wash and rinse cycle with correct temperature indicators for consistent cleaning
  • Removable front electrical panel for easy access to controls and vacuum breaker
  • Stainless steel non-clogging individual wash and rinse arms and wash tank with twin filter and tray system
  • Counterbalanced, easy-to-operate hood
  • Adjustable legs
  • (1) CT-10 All purpose rack
  • (2) CP-16/18 Peg racks
  • (8) Cutlery containers
  • 60 racks per hour
  • 1500 dishes per hour
  • 2160 glasses/cups per hour
  • 11.8 gal. / 44.6 litre wash tank
  • Dimensions: 62"H x 28.5"W x 32"D
  • ENERGY STAR qualified! Think Green!