Low-Cost Credit Card Processing for Restaurants

Low-Cost Credit Card Processing for Restaurants


  • Low-Cost Credit Card Processing for Restaurants
A full-featured merchant account with transparent, low transaction fees will save your business money on every transaction. No monthly fees*, no application fees, and no cancellation fees. Apply online with the paperless online application.

ABestKitchen has partnered with Priority Payment Systems to offer low-cost credit card processing for restaurants. For qualifying restaurants, rates are as low as wholesale + .15%, and there is no monthly fee. Plus, these merchant accounts have available advanced features including a point-of-sale for iPhone/iPad and mobile processing solutions for food delivery business. If your restaurant processes more than $20,000/month, monthly fees are waived. Benefits include Interchange-based (wholesale) pricing, easy signup, and no cancellation fees, application fees, or setup fees. Apply online using the easy online Merchant Account Application.

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  • Mobile Solutions for Food Delivery
  • Low Interchange based Rates
  • Monthly fees only $11 - includes internet gateway and fees are waived for merchants with qualifying volume
  • Personalized, individual support
  • iPad POS solutions and hardware bundles available
  • Easy online application & signup
  • *Monthly fee waived for restaurants with qualifying volume
Swiper for Restaurant Delivery / Credit Card Processing on iPad / iPhone Optional swiper for iPad / iPhones. CC-SWIPER $80.00