Acrylic Glow Colored Shooter Tubes

Acrylic Glow Colored Shooter Tubes

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  • Manufacturer: Precision Pours
  • Manufacturer Model Number ST
  • Our Base SKU: PP-ST-X


PP-ST-A Pack of 24 Shooter Tubes $4.95
PP-MR-24 Acrylic Rack $15.90
PP-ST-A-COMB Combo of Rack and Shooters $19.95

Sell 50-54 Shooter Tube shots per bottle at roughly $2.00 each. Compare that to selling only 27 well drinks per bottle at about $3.00 each. Clearly, test tube shots are a source of great additional profits! Clear acrylic racks are the perfect complement to the Shooter Tubes. With the racks, servers can easily handle 24 Shooter Tubes as they sell throughout the bar.

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dgp (5 / 5)

work good, a pain to fill but look cool in the black light!