Cecilware Chinese Hot Tea Urn

Cecilware Chinese Hot Tea Urn


  • Manufacturer: Cecilware
  • Manufacturer Model Number CH-75
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The Chinese Tea Urns have been part of the Cecilware Urn family for over 10 ten years and have proven to be a reliable piece of equipment for brewing hot tea. Using Cecilware∆s classic Automatic Refill System to replenish the urn jacket with fresh water, steep or brew tea in the liner is simple and easy to do. Electro-mechanical selector timer. Sight glass. Tomlinson "No Drip" faucet. Stainless steel body. 1/4" water line required. 120/208V or 120/240V.

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Model Capacity Brew Rate/Hr Dimensions
CEC-CH-75 3 Gallon Single Urn 15 Gallons 17-1/2"D x 21-1/2"W x 28-1/2"H
CEC-CH-100 3 Gallon Twin Urn 22 Gallons 17-1/2"D x 33-1/2"W x 28-1/2"H