Comstock Castle Countertop Pizza Oven

Comstock Castle Countertop Pizza Oven


  • Manufacturer: Comstock Castle
  • Manufacturer Model Number PO19
  • Our Base SKU: CAS-P0XX
  • Comstock-Castle

STARTING AT $1750.00


Available 24, 31, or 36 inches wide, 28.5" high, 26.5" deep. Stainless steel finish, welded with angle iron and aluminized inner framing. Double wall construction with heavy insulation for cooler operation. Installation clearances for non-combustible surfaces are 0" on sides and 0" in the rear; combustible surface clearances are 2" and 2". All ovens measure 20.5" deep by 14" high.

Ovens: PO31 measures 31.5" wide. PO26 measures 26.5" wide. PO19 measures 19.5" wide.

2 hearth decks per oven, 3 positions with 2.5" between rack positions. Long life, cast iron, "H" pattern burner is combined with a special "V" shaped baffle directing heat for excellent air circulation. Large and medium ovens feature 30,000 BTU. Small oven features 25,000 BTU. 650 degree thermostat. 100% safety shutoff. Optimal pressures are 4" WC for natural gas and 10" WC for propane.

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