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Most toasters can toast bagels, and bagel specific toasters can toast bread. These are our picks for toasters that are designed specifically for bagels or other thicker bread items.

These toasters are designed so that all the heating elements are directing heat to only the open side of the bagel, directing all the wattage to the same area and resulting in a much faster toasting time. Other toasters such as the Belleco JT-1 and JT-2 have top and bottom heat, but you can toast a bagel by turning off the bottom heat, allowing only the open side of the bagel to toast. This is practical if you are also toasting two-sided foods such as bread, but in turning off the top heat, you only have half the wattage toasting.

Each appliance only has a certain amount of wattage, and the bagel toasters are designed to use all the wattage for making a perfectly toasted bagel and making it fast. The same idea applies to pizza conveyors and any other type of oven. You can toast a bagel in anything that has enough heat, and even though you are not getting the best production out of an oven that isn't specially designed to do bagels, it may be worth the compromise if the oven is serving multiple purpose such as baking pizzas, casseroles, etc.

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