Vollrath Sandwich Press Panini Style110V

Vollrath Sandwich Press Panini Style110V


  • Manufacturer: Vollrath
  • Manufacturer Model Number 40789

SKU: VOL-40789



120V. Approximately 90 sandwiches per hour. 14x18x12 inches. UL 197 / NSF approved. Ribbed top and bottom. Cooking surface is 13" x 14". Perfect English or Italian sandwiches. These Vollrath Toasters are designed for constant and robust use - the more you throw at them, the harder they work. They are perfect for delis, bars, cafes and many other food service operators. Efficient element design and high power output. Deluxe models feature adjustable handle that controls the top plate for a variety of food thicknesses. By leaving the top plate up, the Toaster can also be used to cook and heat burgers, hot dogs, etc. and to grill a variety of foods. Innovative new plates give improved performance. Drip cup to catch excess grease. Heat resistant handle. Thermostat control to 570 degrees F.

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