Star-Max Countertop Electric Fryer 530TF With Dual Fry Pot

Star-Max Countertop Electric Fryer 530TF CSA With Dual Fry Pot

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  • Manufacturer: Star Manufacturing
  • Manufacturer Model Number 530TF
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Star-Max Countertop Electric Fryer 530TF with dual fry pot. 15 pounds capacity in each fryer, single baskets, snap-action thermostats, on-off switches, immersion type tubular heating elements, stainless steel construction, 4" legs. This twin pot electric fryer offers excellent frying flexibility with two independent 15 pound kettles. Dual kettles eliminate taste transfer and conserve energy during non-peak hours. Rated at 11,500 watts and can fry 64 pounds of french fries per hour.

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