Oreck Restauranteer Sweeper - Wet/Dry - 12 1/2" Path

Oreck Restauranteer Sweeper - Wet/Dry -  12 1/2" Path

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The Oreck Restauranteer Carpet and Floor Sweeper uses patented RotoBlade wipers to pick up wet or dry debris that other sweepers cannot. Ideal for use in kitchens, restaurants, offices, hotels, schools and other high traffic areas. The low profile cleaning head and 9-1/2" cleaning path reaches easily under furniture, and cleans close to baseboards and walls. Features an easy-open dust bin for quick cleanup. The sweeper's RotoBlade wipers rinse clean with running water. The lightweight 2-1/2lb. design allows for easily maneuverability and transportation. Sturdy hang style handle grip is perfect for small storage areas.

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  • Oreck Restaurateur Wet/Dry Sweeper
  • 12.5" wide sweeper
  • stainless steel body
  • vinyl bumper
  • pivot handle and low profile