Nexel Shelving Swivel Chair 100% nylon fabric - SC27GY

Nexel Shelving Swivel Chair 100% nylon fabric - SC22GY


  • Manufacturer: Nexel
  • Manufacturer Model Number SC27GY
  • Nexel
  • Image may differ based on configuration.




Swivel Chair, 100% nylon fabric, without arms, 27"-32" height adjustable, 16-1/2"W x 16-1/2"D x 2-1/2" screw adjustable seat, 15"W x10"H x1-1/2" "floating hinge" back adjustable in or out, swivels 360°, foot ring adjustable on 3/4"increments from

- Nexel's industrial and food service storage and handling equipment is designed for heavy duty commercial use. They produce an extensive line of shelving, racks, bins, displays, and other solutions for storage, transport, and commercial displays. Their products are used extensively in restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals, retail outlets and anywhere else sturd &, sanitary storage and transport of items is needed.

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