Nexel Shelving Cantilever Shelving System 72" - CRF2472

Nexel Shelving Cantilever Shelving System 72" - CRF2472



Cantilever Rack Frame, 72 inches high, can be adjusted to widths of 36, 48, 60 or 72 inches. Can be used in coolers, freezers as well as dry storage areas. Bracket arms have an 800 lb. capacity, 3000 lb. total capacity. Finished in metallic blue powder epoxy. 10 year warranty against rust and corrosion. Bracket arms are available in straight or incline type. Order one frame assembly and the quantity of straight or incline arms desired.

- Nexel's industrial and food service storage and handling equipment is designed for heavy duty commercial use. They produce an extensive line of shelving, racks, bins, displays, and other solutions for storage, transport, and commercial displays. Their products are used extensively in restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals, retail outlets and anywhere else sturd &, sanitary storage and transport of items is needed.

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  • Shelf height quickly adjusts on 6 increments to meet a variety of your storage needs.
  • Straight arms used for flat items, Incline Arms used to store bars, tubes or pipes on 20 degree incline.
  • 8 arms per upright maximum.
Nexel Shelving Cantilever Rack Frame CRF2472 Cantilever Rack Frame NEX-CRF2472 $294.24
Nexel Shelving Cantilever Rack Straight Arm CRSA24 Straight Arm NEX-CRSA24 $36.75
Nexel Shelving Cantilever Rack Incline Arm CRIA24 Incline Arm NEX-CRIA24 $36.75