Nexel Work Center With Wire Shelving

Nexel Shelving Work Center B3072M


  • Manufacturer: Nexel
  • Nexel
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Nexel Shelving Work Center- This multi-purpose work center combines the storage capacity of a 24" x 48" reinforced adjustable wire shelf with a spacious 30" x 60" or 30" x 72" work surface. The durable, solid work surface makes food preparation, repairs, assembly and product handling easy. Two 24" x 48" shelves, adjustable floor levelers, chrome finish. Available with a maple butcher block top or a plastic laminate top. - Nexel's industrial and food service storage and handling equipment is designed for heavy duty commercial use. They produce an extensive line of shelving, racks, bins, displays, and other solutions for storage, transport, and commercial displays. Their products are used extensively in restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals, retail outlets and anywhere else sturd &, sanitary storage and transport of items is needed.

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  • The maple butcher block top is a great all-purpose top that can handle extreme surface abuse. The top is kiln dried and the edge is grain laminated for strength. Then it's glued, electronically cured and sanded smooth, then finished with a penetrating oil and sealded in a high quality catalyzed varnish.
  • The plastic laminate top is super-strong and easy to clean. High presssure palstic laminate-faced wood core can handle heavy abuse and provides a smooth, tough working surface.
Nexel Shelving Work Center B3060M 30" x 60" Maple Butcher Block Top NEX-B3060M $335.04
Nexel Shelving Work Center B3072M 30" x 72" Maple Butcher Block Top NEX-B3072M $361.44
Nexel Shelving Work Center B3072P 30" x 72" Laminate Top NEX-B3072P $311.04
Nexel Shelving Work Center B3060P 30" x 60" Laminate Top NEX-B3060P $281.76

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