Update Wood Pizza Peel With Short Handle

Update Wood Pizza Peel WPP-1424


  • Manufacturer: Update International
  • Manufacturer Model Number WPP-1236X
  • Update International


Wood Pizza Peel With Short Handle from Update International- Tapered down to the blade for lighter peel. Extremely durable, commercial quality pizza peel.

Manufacturered by Update International, one of the leading food service industry suppliers, offering quality products to the world of Beverage and Foodservice for more than 30 years.

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Update Wood Pizza Peel WPP-1222 12" x 14" Blade, 22" Overall Length UI-WPP-1222 $19.22
Update Wood Pizza Peel WPP-1236 12" x 14" Blade, 36" Overall Length UI-WPP-1236 $16.25
Update Wood Pizza Peel WPP-1424 14" x 16" Blade, 24" Overall Length UI-WPP-1424 $24.42
Update Wood Pizza Peel WPP-1436 14" x 16" Blade, 36" Overall Length UI-WPP-1436 $17.47