Decantus Deluxe 4-Piece Wine Aerator Set

Decantus Deluxe 4-Piece Wine Aerator Set

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  • Manufacturer: Franmara
  • Manufacturer Model Number 7700

SKU: FR-7700



The Decantus Deluxe Wine Aerator Set from Franmara, a unique, by-the-glass wine decanting system. Set includes Decantus Deluxe Aerator, aerator base, velvet storage pouch and cleaning brush. The DECANTUSô utilizes the Bernoulli (a Swiss scientist) effect where the reduced pressure of a stream of fluid (wine) draws an air flow through diagonal thin tubes inside the DECANTUS. Vertical planar insert at the base of the top reservoir bowl eliminates a whirlpool effect by creating an anti-coriolis force. The ìfrothî from DECANTUSô has finer bubbles giving smoother aeration than any other aerator on the market.
The DECANTUSô Deluxe has some serious curves. Sinuous and graceful, it has two handles for easy handling while pouring. Stands 5î high and 4 Ωî wide at the handles.

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