Electrolux-Dito MP60250-Mr. Peely Vegetable Peeler System UNO 50 - large carrot - 601565

Electrolux-Dito MP60240-Mr. Peely Vegetable Peeler System UNO 40 - standard carrot - 601564

Item Discontinued

  • Manufacturer: Electrolux
  • Manufacturer Model Number 601565
  • Our SKU: ELX-601565


MP60250-Mr. Peely Vegetable Peeler System, UNO 50 - large carrot, manual, for long thin vegetables, peels 30 lb. of carrots in less than 10 minutes, includes U50 blade assembly - Dynamic manufactures an extensive line of high quality hand held mixers, food cutters, salad spinners, and other commercial food service and restaurant equipment.

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