Doyon Electric Countertop Single Conveyor Oven

Doyon Electric Countertop Single Conveyor Oven


  • Manufacturer: Doyon
  • Manufacturer Model Number FC16E
  • Doyon


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The Doyon FC-16 Jet-Air Countertop Conveyor Oven is your best buy to increase production in less space, bake 30-50 percent faster than traditional ovens, improve product consistency, reduce labor costs and minimize energy costs by 35-65 percent. Single conveyor oven with a predetermined conveyor speed and temperature for perfect results every time.

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  • Compact and stackable
  • Jets of high velocity hot air delivered to food
  • Faster consistent cooking than traditional, infrared and convection ovens
  • Guaranteed even baking
  • First in, first out
  • Allow inexperienced employees to produce quality products with a minimum of training
  • Bake pizzas in 5 to 6 minutes
  • Produces 16- 16 inch pizzas, 40 - 9 inch pizzas, or 90- 6 inch pizzas per hour
  • Save on labor costs
  • Save on energy bills
  • 16" wide stainless steel belt with a 17.25" opening
  • 23" cooking zone
  • Adjustable speed and temperature
  • Digital temperature control
  • Better moisture retention
  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior
  • Temperature up to 600F (300C)
  • Entry and exit shelf included
  • 1 phase
  • available in 208V / 60Hz / 29 amps, 220V / 50Hz / 31 amps or 240V / 60Hz / 26 amps
  • Dimensions: 18.25"H x 43.25"W x 31.75"D
  • ETL and ETL sanitation listed
  • One year parts and labor limited warranty