Champion Dishwasher, Door Type DH-5000-DV

Champion Dishwasher, Door Type DH-5000-DV


  • Manufacturer: Champion
  • Manufacturer Model Number DH-5000-DV
  • Our SKU: CHP-DH-5000-DV
  • Spec Sheet


Dishwasher, door type, high temperature, direct vent system including fan, built in rinse sentry booster for 40-70 rise, field convertible from straight through to corner, field convertible from single phase to three phase, auto start when hood is closed, single point electrical connection, 1 hp self draining pump & motor, 46 racks/hour capacity, automatic tank fill, detergent/chemical connections, interchangeable upper and lower spray arms, automatic drain valve, vent fan control, bottom mounted digital controls, mounted PRV, sloped hood, stainless steel construction, NSF, ENERGY STAR - . One year limited warranty, standard. Voltage to be determined

If necessary, provide desired voltage when ordering. Champion offers 0% financing on their equipment - contact us for details.

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