Bevles-BKI Oval Tray Rack - RA70-OT10

Bevles-BKI Oval Tray Rack - RA70-OT10


  • Manufacturer: BKI
  • Manufacturer Model Number RA70-OT10
  • Our SKU: BEV-RA70-OT10


Oval Tray Rack, full-height, open sides, heavy duty extruded double-bead bottom support pan slides 6" O.C., cap. (10) 20-3/4x25-1/2 or 22-1/2x27-5/8 trays, welded aluminum frame, end loading, 5" heavy duty plate type casters, NSF (BevLes)

- Bevles manufactures a fine line of heating, holding, and transportation equipment including heating and holding cabinets, roast & hold cabinets, and transportation cabinets.

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