Bunn H5 Hot Water Dispenser - 5 Gallon

Bunn H5 Hot Water Dispenser - 5 Gallon


  • Manufacturer: Bunn
  • Manufacturer Model Number 12500.002
  • Our Base SKU: BUNN-12500-00X
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The Bunn H5 Hot Water Dispenser dispenses up to 18 gallons of boiling water per hour for food prep and cleaning. Precise temperature (72ñ212F) ensures consistent, high quality results. Available in the following options:
BUNN-12500.0020 - 120V, 15.4 amps, 85/115F Setting
BUNN-12500.0033 - 120V, 15.4 amps, 72F Setting
BUNN-12500.0024 - 240V, 16.9 amps, 200F Setting
BUNN-12500.0025 - 208V, 19.5 amps, 200F Setting
BUNN-12500.0026 - 240V, 16.9 amps, 212F Setting
BUNN-12500.0027 - 208V, 19.5 amps, 212F Setting
BUNN-12500.0028 - 120V, 15.4 amps, 212F Setting
BUNN-12500.0032 - 208V, 29.0 amps, 212F Setting
BUNN-12500.0046 - 120V, 15.4 amps, 200F Setting

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  • Locate hot water at preparation site to increase speed, safety and efficiency of kitchen staff
  • Prepare large amounts of mashed potatoes, gravy, cheese sauce, gelatin, oatmeal, and many more foods
  • All models require 2-wires plus ground service, single-phase. Supplied strain relief on rear side of machine
  • Cord not attached
  • 12500.0046 model is 5.6 Cu. Ft., all other models are 4.1 Cu. Ft.
  • Available in 120 Volts with 1800 Watt Tank Heater and 1850 Total Watts, 208 Volts with 4000 Watt Tank Heater and 4050 Total Watts, or 240 Volts with 4000 Watt Tank Heater and 4050 Total Watts