Belleco JPO-14 Electric Conveyor Pizza/Sandwich Oven

Belleco JSO-14 Electric Conveyor Sandwich Oven

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An affordable solution for baking fresh dough pizzas. JPO-14 can bake up to 16 12-inch pizzas/hour, up to 60 5-inch pizzas/hour. 16-1/4" wide. 19-7/8"H x 60"L. Separate top and bottom variable heat zones. Variable conveyor speed control. High temperature limit switch. Automatic cool down feature. Warranty: Two years on parts (excluding quartz heater tubes), One year on factory-authorized labor and quartz heater tubes.

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  • Cal-Rod style radiant heaters
  • 1-1/2-4" product clearance
  • Great subs in under a minute
  • 'Affordable' quality pizzas
  • Forced convection baking
  • Independent top bottom heat
  • Extended conveyor for load and unload convenience
  • Easy to adjust heat shields
  • 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week service
  • Made in Maine, USA
  • Compact - fits on a 30" counter