Advance Tabco Standard Stainless Steel Work Table

Advance Tabco Standard Stainless Steel Work Table


  • Advance Tabco Standard Stainless Steel Work Table



Advance Tabco TT Lite Series Commercial Stainless Steel Work Tables- Heavy duty 18 gauge, 430 stainless steel construction to withstand heavy commercial use. Sound deadened stainless steel top with hemmed rolled rim edges. Adjustable galvanized steel undershelf. NSF approved for commercial use. Available in various sizes below with or without backsplash.

Advance Tabco is the 2013 Best In Class Award Winner in Work Tables, Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication and Sinks. Choose Advance Tabco for their proven undershelves with a larger welded surface area that prevents breaks, additional sound deadening materials and grooved hat channels for reinforced strength, superior gussets that last 33% longer than the competition and a flexible design that allows for future drawers. Their award winning quality and value, superior service and support set them apart. Advance Tabco products are made in the U.S.A.

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  • 35-1/2 inches high, available with an optional 1-1/2 inch backsplash
  • 1-5/8" sanitary rolled rim on front and rear and square ends, 1-5/8" Diameter Tubular Galvanized Steel, 1 inch adjustable plastic bullet feet
  • Two die formed hat channels are attached to underside of work table top to reinforce and maintain a level working surface.
  • Leg Collar at undershelf corner secures leg shelf to legs and is fully adjustable.
  • All TIG welded. Exposed weld areas polished to match adjacent surface.
  • Top is sound deadened.
  • Die formed galvanized hat channels are secured to top by means of structural adhesive and weld studs; Gussets welded to hat channels.
  • *8 feet long tables include 6 legs instead of 4
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-242-X 24"W x 24"L AT-TT-242-X $129.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-242-X 24"W x 24"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash AT-TTF-242-X $134.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-240-X 24"W x 30"L AT-TT-240-X $135.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-240-X 24"W x 30"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash AT-TTF-240-X $139.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-243-X 24"W x 36"L AT-TT-243-X $155.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-243-X 24"W x 36"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash AT-TTF-243-X $159.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-244-X 24"W x 48"L AT-TT-244-X $160.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-244-X 24"W x 48"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash AT-TTF-244-X $164.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-245-X 24"W x 60"L AT-TT-245-X $183.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-245-X 24"W x 60"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash AT-TTF-245-X $185.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-246-X 24"W x 72"L AT-TT-246-X $193.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-246-X 24"W x 72"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash AT-TTF-246-X $195.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-248-X 24"W x 96"L* AT-TT-248-X $255.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-248-X 24"W x 96"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash* AT-TTF-248-X $250.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-300-X 30"W x 30"L AT-TT-300-X $149.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-300-X 30"W x 30"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash AT-TTF-300-X $150.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-303-X 30"W x 36"L AT-TT-303-X $159.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-303-X 30"W x 36"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash AT-TTF-303-X $162.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-304-X 30"W x 48"L AT-TT-304-X $154.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-304-X 30"W x 48"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash AT-TTF-304-X $157.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-305-X 30"W x 60"L AT-TT-305-X $189.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-305-X 30"W x 60"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash AT-TTF-305-X $192.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-306-X 30"W x 72"L AT-TT-306-X $205.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-306-X 30"W x 72"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash AT-TTF-306-X $208.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TT-308-X 30"W x 96"L* AT-TT-308-X $265.00
Advance Tabco Work Table TTF-308-X 30"W x 96"L, 1-1/2" Backsplash* AT-TTF-308-X $270.00

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