APW XWav Pass-Thru Electric Conveyor Oven

APW XWav Pass-Thru Electric Conveyor Oven


  • Manufacturer: APW
  • Manufacturer Model Number XWAV1417A
  • apw-wyott


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The APW XWav Pass-Thru Electric Conveyor Oven has adjustable product entry and exit openings from 1" to 3-7/8", and a 14" wide non-corrosive steel conveyor belt. Analog control, variable belt speed, and stainless steel construction. Over 31% more efficiency in its infraRed energy vs. quartz based units!

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  • 14" deep cooking chamber
  • The XWAV ceramic heat system has over 31% more efficiency in its InfraRed Energy vs. Quartz based units
  • The XWAV heat system is a concentrated, focused source of radiant energy that consistently sends InfraRed evenly toward the conveyor belt at both high and low temperature levels- InfraRed efficiency is 96%!
  • Conveyor speed can be set between speeds that are slow (12 minutes) to a maximum speed of 30 seconds.
  • Crumb trays are provided on either end of the toaster
  • An extended conveyor shelf is supplied for “exit” area, which allows easy off-loading of products
  • Fully insulated top and sides provide “Cool to the Touch” exteriors
  • Thermostatically controlled fan keeps exterior surface cool, even when unit is turned off
  • XWAV control panel is recessed vs. the “exposed” control panel on the competition, which reduces inadvertent bumps on control knobs that change the performance speed or temperature
  • XWAV Ceramic heaters are made of a stronger material that maintains a moderate material temperature, last significantly longer than Quartz Elements and do not have the issue of shattered glass in your operation
  • Bottom heat is provided by a calrod element that can easily handle drippings and grease, competitive units use quartz elements that can shatter with grease drippings
  • Top heat - 2500 Watt ceramic infrared heat system
  • Bottom heat - 2500 Watt calrod element
  • Infinite heat control for top and bottom heat systems
  • Conveyor speed control knob
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling fan system
  • Product entry & exit chamber doors, adjustable to 3 7/8” high
  • Removable exit shelf that extends from end of conveyor
  • Removable crumb trays
  • External top, back, sides and base are made of 18 gauge stainless steel
  • Front control side is made of high temperature polycarbonate material
  • Non-corrosive steel conveyor wire belt
  • Internal Chamber is made of 18 gauge Stainless Steel
  • 4” High Temperature Polycarbonate and steel legs
  • High temperature insulation used around cooking chambers
  • UL listed, UL Sanitation, and Canadian UL approved.
  • 4" adjustable legs
  • Analog control
  • 1 phase electric, 60 Hz, 5000 Watts
  • Available in 208V / 24 amps or 240V / 21 amps
  • 18.5"H x 38.25"W