APW Narrow Condiment Dispenser Station

APW Narrow Condiment Dispenser Station


  • Manufacturer: APW
  • Manufacturer Model Number CSS-DTS-N5
  • apw-wyott




The APW narrow condiment dispenser station accommodates (2) 1/6 and (3) 1/9 size pans (pans not included). Features an acrylic flat hinged cover, twin one gallon end wells with pumps, and stainless steel construction.

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  • Pump end wells hold a standard 1 gallon plastic jar or bag- just place jar in compartment, open hole in container top, and insert plastic pump tube
  • Pumps accurately dispense 1 ounce of product per use
  • Condiment well section holds up to three inset pan, 1/9th size by 4 inches deep (pans not included)
  • Hinged acrylic cover protects condiments while allowing consumers to see the condiment selections
  • Can be cooled by putting an ice bag on the bottom of the condiment section under the pans
  • Dimensions: 15.560"H x 14.880"W x 15.310"D