A-Line Stainless Steel Island Countertops - 49 In Wide, 49 In Long

A-Line Stainless Steel Island Countertops - 25 In Wide, 73-97 In Long


  • Manufacturer: A-Line
  • Manufacturer Model Number VSTC-484RE
  • Our SKU: ALN-VSTC-484RE



This A-Line Stainless Steel Island Countertop is 49 inches long and 49 inches wide, featuring a standard square edge design and a polished satin finish. Made from heavy duty, 16 gauge stainless steel. These countertops have a luxurious look with professional quality and durability.

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Model Countertop Size Fits Cabinet Base Length Weight
ALN-VSTC-484RE 49"x49" 48" Bases 80 lbs.


  • 49 inches wide, 49 inches long
  • Standard square edge design and polished to a satin finish
  • These countertops bring a distinctive bold, modern look to your kitchen's cabinetry
  • Countertops are ready for installation on standard kitchen cabinets
  • Countertops extend 1/2" over base cabinet on all four sides
  • Hat Channel construction
  • Mounting Brackets included