American Metalcraft Wood Pizza Peel with Short Handle and Standard Blade


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Choose a size that suits your needs . These sturdy, yet light weight peels have numerous functions. They make an interesting serving tray, but mostly are used for preparing the pizza, putting a pizza in the oven, or taking it out. Also turn, move, or take a peek at the bottom while cooking. The tapered front enables them to easily slide underneath the pizza . When taking a pie out of the oven, a wooden peel will hold onto the pizza, whereas a pizza might too easily slide off of a metal peel. and end up on the floor. Sometimes cornmeal is used to help the pizza slide off, if you are setting fresh dough on the peel . To preserve the life of the peel, try seasoning or sealing with oil seen as an option below.

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American Metalcraft Wood Pizza Peel 814, 8" x 9" Blade 14" Overall AM-814 $13.95
American Metalcraft Wood Pizza Peel 2212, 12" x 13" Blade 22" Overall AM-2212 $23.95 $20.95
American Metalcraft Wood Pizza Peel 2414, 14" x 15" Blade 24" Overall AM-2414 $25.95
American Metalcraft Wood Pizza Peel 2616, 16" x 17" Blade 26" Overall AM-2616 $32.75

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